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IT Outsourcing is the partial or total outsourcing of all activities related to corporate information systems. It is a growing and fundamental trend for the proper functioning of a company. In recent years IT Outsourcing has evolved a lot to adapt to market needs, but demand is still increasing significantly.

Engesoftware is responsible for the corporate systems computerization and evolutionary control of your business, allowing your activities to be focused on creating growth strategies while you are dedicated to your business and know how.

Why does your business need IT Outsourcing?

Most companies looking to Engesoftware for IT Outsourcing are experiencing a number of difficulties, including:

Increased demands from the IT department;

Lack of productivity;

Divergence from strategic definition;

Lack of focus on the company's core business.

Lack of reliable indicators;

Uncontrolled internal processes;

High cost of IT staff;

If you are experiencing any of these issues in your business, it is time to consider IT Outsourcing. Many companies are afraid to outsource their IT because they feel that company information should be treated confidentially. But a solid confidentiality agreement will be made, which ensures the complete security of corporate information. In fact, it is precisely with the outsourcing of the operating sector that confidentiality is being guaranteed, which avoids the improper access of information with strict security controls and access to the company’s IT area, allowing the customer to think about the strategic part of the business without concerns about information security.

What are the main benefits of IT Outsourcing?

  • Focus on Core Business
  • IT Cost Reduction
  • Productivity
  • Risk Reduction
  • Reduction of Human Resources Costs
  • Companies have limited resources. Each manager has limited time and attention. IT outsourcing helps the staff focus on the core business and considerably lessen distraction with complex IT elements and decisions.
  • o By hiring a specialized outsourced service, your company reduces expenses on professionals and equipment, and has the opportunity to reallocate values to other projects and in-house sectors. In addition, costs are more easily anticipated, avoiding surprises.surpresas.
  • Organizations that control IT internally suffer from unprepared technology professionals, which makes the environment obsolete over time. Because there is no strategic planning covering new technologies and specialties, the maintenance costs of the computing environment increase considerably. By outsourcing IT, the company improves customer response time and makes the organization more productive.
  • Every investment carries risk. Markets, competition, government regulations, financial conditions, and technologies all change constantly. The IT outsourcing company takes most of these risks, which helps to warn of potential risks and implement solutions with the required agility.
  • Hiring and training a team to work in the company's technology area can be costly, as well as hiring temporary staff to meet certain needs, which may not always meet expectations. Through Outsourcing you can focus your organization's human resources where you need it, while ensuring that you have employees with a high level of competence and responsibility.

Why have Engesoftware as your systems and app development partner?

We have 25 years of experience and hundreds of clients served. We have acquired a high degree of experience to deliver a higher level of quality than you will find on the market. Among our clients you will find large corporations among the 100 largest in Brazil.



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