Code Factory

Codes for HIGH and LOW platform.

The Code Factory is made up of professionals with extensive technical knowledge, promoting efficient results simply and quickly.

Production planning and control are fundamental steps for the success of our factory, and our professionals are multidisciplinary, with high capacity in building codes. In addition to the fact that the industries are operating accordingly is critical to our code factory success, human resource management and work methodology.

In the built programs adherence tests are applied as requested by the client specification.

Our help desk team is comprised of senior programmers based at Engesoftware’s headquarters, eliminating the need for the customer to provide a physical structure for this purpose. Due to the large number of clients from various segments, we have teams specialized in multiple technology platforms, which ensures specialized and qualified service.

Languages most used in our factory:



Brasilia: SCIA Qd. 13 Cj. 04 Lotes 01/02 – Zona Industrial Guará – Brasília – DF / CEP:71250-225

São Paulo: Rua Belchior de Azevedo, n.156, sala 191 “A”. Bairro Vila Leopoldina.

Contact – Brasilia, São Paulo e Fortaleza  +55 (61) 3362 5000

Email: [email protected]

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