Business Intelligence

Valuable data for right decision making.

Most companies collect a large amount of data from their operations. To keep track of all data collection information the organization needs to use a wide range of programs such as Excel, Access and different database applications for various departments. Using many different programs makes it difficult to integrate all of this information in a timely manner to perform data analysis. To solve this problem, there are Business Intelligence solutions, this solution gathers data from various sources, organizes, analyzes and shares this information with key members of the company to help make decisions that are important to the future of the company. This solution helps your business to cut costs and identify new opportunities across all sectors of the business.

Why does your venture need business intelligence?

Most companies looking to Engesoftware for a Business Intelligence solution are experiencing a number of difficulties, including:

Increased demands from the IT department;

Difficulty in data integration from different business areas;

Business slowness;

Difficulty in strategic decision making;

Lack of reliable business information;

Difficulty analyzing employee performance;

If you are experiencing any of these issues in your business, it is time to consider Business Intelligence. Although it is an important decision for your company, caution is required to choose the best solution. Through consulting, our BI specialists can assist you in choosing and deploying the most appropriate solution for your business

Benefits of Deploying a Business Intelligence Solution

Fact-based decision making

Once the Business Intelligence system is operating in the enterprise, managers will be able to see current and detailed data about all aspects of the business – financial data, production data, customer data. They will also have access to reports that synthesize information in a customized manner, and can see which products or product line generate the greatest return on investment for the company. This information helps you make fact-based decisions, such as which products actions should focus on and which products to discontinue production.

Facility to identify new opportunities

Business Intelligence can help a company measure its own capabilities, compare its strengths and weaknesses with its competitors, identify trends and market conditions, and respond quickly to change. With the help of BI, managers and decision makers can act correctly as a response to opportunities.

Sales increasement

The area that benefits most from business intelligence systems is the comercial area. In seconds, business people have access to sales reports, trends, top sellers, and untapped markets.

Improvement of negotiation processes

Detailed data for the purchasing department is valuable for further negotiations with suppliers.

Reduced Resource Waste

BI solutions can point to areas of waste that managers in an organization never imagined could exist. Once the system is up and running in the enterprise, transactions between departments, suppliers and distributors are analyzed in real time to check for inefficiencies and vulnerabilities.

Why have Engesoftware as your Business Intelligence Partner?

We have 25 years of experience and hundreds of clients served. We have acquired a high degree of experience to deliver a higher level of quality than you will find on the market. Among our clients you will find large corporations among the 100 largest in Brazil.



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